Fall Fever

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We have these volunteer pumpkin plants taking over the corner of our patio and about a dozen or so pumpkins on the vine currently. A couple weekends ago we picked a few to bake with and now I have fall fever.


I'm usually not ready to jump into the next season before the current one is over, but these pretty little pumpkins have inspired me to start scouring Pinterest for fall DIY decorating ideas. While we're on that topic, I have to admit that I am all over the place when it comes to home décor. I love color and lots of it! However, recently we visited my friend at her beautiful home and I loved the farmhouse style of more neutrals with pop of color in just the right spots. I am greatly inspired by her eye for design and have asked that she join us sometime, as a guest writer, to share some of her projects. 

Bringing a touch of fall to our home and life is the focus this month. This weekends project was a simple one, repurposing wood project leftovers from my HH. 

To complete this project on your own, you will need blocks of wood in various sizes, small cuts from fallen tree branches (or wooden dowel), ribbon, paint brush, craft paint, wood stain, glue gun, glue sticks. If crafting is not your thing, but you love these little hints of fall, you may purchase finished products here in our online store.

I started by staining the various size wood pieces with Minwax Dark Walnut stain.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions on stain use. Be prepared, it takes a couple hours for the stain to dry.


I've seen various ideas for these on Pinterest, such as solid colored blocks or whimsical patterns painted on the blocks, and you can really do these in whatever style works best for you! I decided to use my own style by making these look a little more rustic/realistic pumpkins. To do this, I painted in sections leaving a little line of the dark stain exposed. For the orange pumpkin, I started with a base color of  Waverly Chalk Paint in Pumpkin. This paint can be found at Walmart. I then blended some Apple Barrel craft paint in Toasted Marshmallow on top. For the white pumpkins, I used a base of Apple Barrel in Khaki, followed by Toasted Marshmallow and then White. 



*Walmart has a selection of 2fl oz bottles of Apple Barrel craft paint for 2/$1!**

Once the pumpkin blocks were painted, I added stems using pieces of branches found in my yard. I secured them with hot glue. Then I added little lace ribbon bows. I found this pretty lace ribbon at Dollar Tree. I really love the ribbon selection they offer and use it for a number of things. 


I would love to see your finishes pumpkin blocks! Please share pictures and feedback for this project!  Next week I'll be sharing fall inspired towels with heat transfer vinyl!



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