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     The summer months inspire me to work on our outdoor living spaces. One of my goals this summer was to continue decorating my front porch in a patriotic theme. Last year we started on the front porch by updating our faded burgundy door to a bright yellow and shutters to navy blue with spray paint. and added a pretty patriotic wreath and Welcome sign. 

     This year, I started by adding some hanging baskets and potted plants which I have already managed to kill, with my less than green thumb. These will definitely have to be replaced with some pretty lifelike faux florals. I have so many other plans for this space and now is the time to get to work on some. 

     Taking inspiration from a couple of my personal Pintrest boards, "Pretty Porches" and "Grand Entries", there are a couple projects that I worked on this weekend. I have several pins of red chairs or tables and porch signs, but I want something that is different and unique to our porch space and make use of things I already had. 

First an easy repurpose. We got this mini bakers rack as a wedding shower gift twenty one years ago. It started out hunter green, then was painted an off white with the ivy painted green and it has served many purposes in many rooms of our house. Its a really nice sturdy metal and I thought it would look nice, painted navy, on the porch with a few faux plants and patriotic décor. I'll work on that more next week.

The next project is a little more involved. I prepped this wood sign earlier this summer. The board was painted grey and then dry brushed with blue and black craft paint. Using Silhouette Cameo, I then designed and created a custom stencil for my porch sign. If you do not have a machine, you can purchase custom stencils right here in our store. All custom stencils come ready to use with transfer tape applied and an application card.



I started with little birds on either side of the stencil and changed my mind so cut  out before getting started.

     Using the dry prepped wood sign, I applied the stencil as pictured smoothing down with the application card ensuring that all edges were sealed to the wood and then carefully pulled the transfer tape from the stencil decal. 

     You can use a foam brush or other small brush, to apply craft paint color of your choice. I used a foam brush and lightly applied paint being careful not to apply to thick or pool around stencil edges. A second coat was then applied using the same technique. 


     Next the stencil was removed and as you can see even after applying a thin coat, I had some unexpected paint that bleed through the edges of the stencil leaving less than perfect lines in some areas. While I prefer my lines to be clean, it doesn't always happen and that's totally ok.  I buffed some of the imperfections out by lightly going over them with sandpaper and touched up a couple spots with paint using a small brush and I'm happy with the final product. 


It looks so nice on the porch now with the repurposed bakers rack!  

What porch projects have you worked on this summer? I'd love to hear from you!


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