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 Whew.. It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and I totally missed putting out a blog post last week. This week, I am so excited to share Chalkboard Heat Transfer Vinyl (yes, its a thing!!) on a Canvas bag! I've had this is stock for a while, but really couldn't think of many things to use it on at first. Not too long ago I had an event so I added a decorative block to a shirt and used it to advertise a sale. Now I have lots of ideas including this one similar to something I saw on Pintrest. I love motivational quotes so I'm thinking the chalkboard vinyl would be really cute on a tshirt, where one could share a different motivational quote each time they wear it, or a pillow counting down the days until Christmas, or on a stretched canvas project.

Secondly, I am super excited that I created a design for this project and learned how to save in an SVG format so you can make this exact design as well. I haven't, however, learned how to add the link to my website for you to download. If you would like the file, please comment below and I will email it to you. 

I have to admit though, I learned a few things through this process. 

#1 The yellow part of the design is set up for one piece of vinyl.  I have been using a lot of yellow lately for a personal project so I had to use and piece together several different pieces and my eyeball measurements are obviously not as great as my machine.  So either I need to either be "better prepared for class" or set up my design a little differently. 

#2 When the first thing is off, everything else will be as well so refer back to #1 and come to class prepared!


Materials/Equipment Needed:

I purchased these nice large 16"x 16" canvas bags from Amazon. Two come in a bag for 

Vinyl used 

Fashion Film in Matte Yellow, Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte Apple, Chalkboard

Siser Brown (I had a few scraps of this left so finishing it up before replenishing with FF)

Cutting Machine ( I used Silhouette Cameo)

Cutting Mat

Weeding tools

Heat Press ( I just got this Stahls Heatronix Maxx,and I LOVE it!) 


For this bag, I set my design to cut 11" x 9", then cut out each color making sure to mirror the design. 

As I mentioned above, I was short on yellow so I cut what I had in multiple sections. (I know you will be prepared, so you wont need to do this step)

I then cut out the rulers and carefully weeded, then continued cutting out and weeding each of the pieces. 

After everything was all cut out, I pressed any wrinkles out of the canvas tote.  I placed all the layers down on the blank canvas to see how everything lined up and then removed all the layers except yellow. With a temp of 320 degrees and for 20 seconds, I pressed the yellow, then black rulers, chalkboard, red, green, and brown. All of these are hot peel vinyls. 


After everything cooled, I wrote a note on the chalkboard in chalk!! I really love this product and there are so many possibilities for more fun projects! Overall it worked out of and the end result is acceptable for this tutorial! I hope you are able to find value in the lesson and create some of these for the special teachers in your life!

Happy CRAFTernoon!








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