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     Creating pretty things is a true passion of mine, but I often don't leave enough time in my busy schedule to work on things for myself. The past couple of years have been extremely busy as I have juggled not only being a wife and mom, but taking graduate classes, working full time and part time here, at Bits and Pieces Vinyl Designs LLC and so many other things. 

     Lately I've spent some time really thinking about my life goals and my purpose and although I know I'm ultimately still on the right track, there are some things that I am really passionate about that I want to do more of. One of those things is taking the time to do these little personal projects that bring me joy. So...I'm digging through the many pins on my Pinterest boards and pulling out one project a week to work on. Another passion is helping, teaching, and inspiring others so I will share these projects with you!  I truly treasure the God given gift of creativity and wish to honor Him by not only using it but sharing it with others as well. 

   Additionally, I am surrounded by a very talented friends who also enjoy making pretty things and a couple of them have already agreed to be featured here to share some of their inspiring design and craft projects. 

I look forward to crafting with you soon!

- Heather 


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